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I know myself around - in your country and the destination of your company


On a unique manner I unite scientifical, proffesional and personal experiences in my companies:

I speak arabic, german, french, english and spanish and have already travelled vocationally to Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Jemen and Libanon – the notice of the target customers or other cooperation partners is gained with my help, not just because of the native language towards the customers, but also beacause of the cultural expectations



Experts do not arise on a university, but in life.


A funded scientifical education is the basis for my work – but I'm not counting on that alone: In the past I have proved my skills and knowledge in praxis and I have taken valuable Impules from my praxis with me for my scientifical work.


Dr. Mohamede Chraibi

Dr. Chraibi Arab Consulting & Networking

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