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For an expedient cooperation I want to get to know eachother.


My offer focuses on


  • companies with an interest on an Arab market entry

  • manager, business executive, chosen employees who travel to foreign countries for german corporations

  • institutes and international organisations

  • new founded german-arabian teams and organisations


Market entries are always sensitive to treat


It's about competition, about unique features, about strategies. Therefore I take the data privacy very seriously and publish only the names in my credentials list from those who have given me a written permission.


Dr. Mohamede Chraibi

Dr. Chraibi Arab Consulting & Networking

Kupferdreher Markt 9

D-45257 Essen

Phone: +49(0)176 24734452
Mobile: +49(0)176 24734452
E-Mail: mail [at] dr-chraibi [dot] com
Skype:  chraibi20111