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Why Arabia?


Germany enjoys the highest economical and political view in the

Arab countries - the interest there is unbroken, as well as throughout the economy. The crisis still brings

even new partners who are willing to cooperate. 

The current democracy of the Arab countries however allows an easier

market entry for german companies through economical and political

reforms. For Germany particularly relevant are Morocco, Saudi Arabia,

The United Arab Emirates and Oman. There are already 750

active german corporations in The United Arab Emirates - because

of the political development there will even be made investments 

in companies of North Africa and the Gulf States



Gulf region applies to be one of the most important economical region worldwide.


The expert volume of the German economy alone to Saudi Arabia was

2011 6.9 billions of Euros (statistical Federal Bureau) – Germany is

the most important european supplier and the third most important overall

for Saudi Arabia. Also for this reason the ''Saudi Arabia Desk'' was established

in Bielefeld by the IHK Ostwestfalen and the delegation of the german economy

in Saudi Arabia.


Morocco is another popular expansion destination for German companies: it's

geographically close, it's legally and politicaly stable and maintains an

associations agreement with the european union.


Generally the companies of the Arabian countries offer a big field of worthwhile

investations for renewable energy, but there are also other popular

branches - sometimes it's amazing which Products embark on the Arab 



An additional market for german companies opens the World Cup in football

in 2022 in Qatar.


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