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I plan individual coachings for your employees, lead them through and head them on demand during the comittment phase. They'll learn on the basis of a thight cooperation with your company and professional project management in intercultural coherencies, client oriented methods that excell following:


  • Planning
    • gearing of the coaching measures with the executive-development
    • custom preperation through expert-interviews with the subject and personnel areas
    • development of programme associated measures and learning platforms
    • support on the internal marketing of the offers
  • accomplisment
    • smooth accomplishments of coaching in the pilot phase and rule establishment of your appropriate requirements
    • consistent moderation on the emphasis of the core messages.
    • interaction through business games, case studies, workshops, exercises etc.
    • „all-round carefree package“ for the event management
  • adjustment
    • systematical quality protection through running adaptation of the contents
    • individual support on site through individual or group coaching
    • implementation assistance through praxis projects and transfer partnerships

A purposeful and exactly considered process chain clarifies for your coworkers the use of the intern advanced education and protects your success on the execution.


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